An Urban Tantra Graduate Community Call

An Hour of Support & Resource

Tuesday, May 1 at 3pm ET/Noon PT/8pm BST

The SESTA/FOSTA legislation may mean some big changes in how we as practitioners, providers and professionals do business, find clients, and keep ourselves safe and supported.

Let's put our heads together to create a constructive dialogue about what these bills mean for our livelihoods, our community, and our futures.

I'm opening this space for all Urban Tantra Professional Training Graduates to connect, share resources, and brainstorm solution-focused strategies for moving forward with our meaningful work in the world.

What we're not going to do on this call:

  • Entertain doom and gloom scenarios
  • Play the "ain't this awful" game (even though this is)
  • Let our (legitimate) anger stand in the way of constructive problem solving

Let's take an hour to envision what our professional practices might look like given the new circumstances, and the current supercharged political environment.

This call is open to Urban Tantra Professional Graduates only. All voices are welcome in the conversation. We may not have all the answers, but we'll walk away with more allies and resources as we stand in this together.

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Join us for this community conversation on May 1 at 3pm ET/Noon PT/8pm BST.

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