The Urban Tantra Professional Training Program Graduate Practitioner Directory

Europe & the United Kingdom

Ama Josephine Budge

Practitioner Directory

Science fiction & fantasy/art writer, queer Black organiser

“The erotic is a measure between the beginnings of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings. For having experienced the fullness of this depth of feeling and recognizing its power, in honor and self-respect we can require no less of ourselves.” – Audre Lorde, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power

Ama Josephine Budge is an science fiction & fantasy/art writer, queer Black organiser and graduate of the Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program. She works across the arts, climate change and ecosexuality, decolonial academia and tantric-influenced breath work to invoke power, pleasure and healing with breath, touch and trust for self, earth and QTIABPOC community.

Photo Credit: Zachary Maxwell Stertz

Amanda Middleton

Practitioner Directory

London, U.K.

Amanda Middleton is a registered Systemic and Family Psychotherapist with a speciality in working with marginalised people and relationships. She currently works in the public sector and in private practice in London. She has years of experience working in the area of sex and sexuality, particularly with people whose sexually and/or gender identity deviates from the norm.

Becky Crepsley-Fox

Becky – Stanmer Park

Sexologist and relationship psychotherapist, creator of LustYoga and host of the podcast Sex Unshackled.
Brighton UK
Instagram @beckycrepsleyfox

Becky is a COSRT registered sexologist and relationship therapist as well as a CCP registered Contemporary Psychotherapist. Becky works in private practise with individuals and couples to assist her clients to get towards their sexual or relationship goals.

Becky’s work focuses a lot on battling shame and empowering people to find solutions that work for them. She does not believe in a one size fits all approach and works with clients to normalise their experiences on an individual level as well as considering the greater context and how society plays a role in these presenting issues.

Bettie_Puma Höflich

Practitioner Directory

Orgasmic Breath Facilitator, Playshop creator, 1:1 sessions, sessions for queer couples, Fireplay, Certified Shiatsu Practitioner and Qigong teacher

Berlin, Germany and beyond

Bettie_Puma’s core theme is CONSENT: What happens if we do things consensually? What kind of magic can we bring to life if we act consensually? What if everything is possible and nothing a must?

They give (Neo-) tantric workshops within a non-binary focus, concerning gender, but also concerning life in general. They love to laugh and they love to explore the positive sin of everything happening.

These core themes are part of their private sessions as well as in their workshops.

Being open for the present and not following an inner or outer script can be very challenging, but being open for …. whatever, that wanna rise.

This inner script might lead to a magic connection, either in a private or a couple’s session, as well as in a workshop.

Carl Johan & Jennie Rehbinder
(Rehbinder & Rehbinder HB)

Jennie & Calle Rehbinder

Tantric love workshops, relationship coaching, lectures, erotic photography, web design.

Stockholm, Sweden. We travel globally for workshops & lectures. We speak English and Swedish.

Postal : Carl Johan & Jennie Rehbinder Lillåvägen 40
SE-12845 Bagarmossen

Calle: +46-70-79 76 333
Jennie: +46-70-285 10 91

Erotic photography:
Swedish erotic site: Cirkus Eros:

We are leading Swedish sex educators and experts in love and intimacy, devoted to spreading sexual inspiration. Artists, photographers, writers, ceremony leaders and Tantra teachers. The idea is to integrate. For many years we have explored sexuality, spirituality and art together, creating almost 200 love & sex workshops, as well as erotic photo exhibits, a book with erotic short stories, several websites and blogs, including the most popular “Cirkus Eros”.

We combine ancient Tantra, tao and shamanism with modern science, psychology, theatre exercises, ecstatic ceremonies, wild play and sensual touch. We are masters of pleasure, love and sacred sexuality, and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Claire Black

Claire Black

BDSM sessions, rituals, kinky self acceptance
London, United Kingdom

I am an Ecstatic BDSM practitioner and I invite you to bring every aspect of yourself into a session with me, together we will play and dance in hedonistic revellery using tools from BDSM, Tantra and shamanic practices. I offer pleasure, exploration and healing sessions, along with Warrior Initiations and Urban Rituals. Tools I enjoy playing with floggers, canes, needles and blades, fire, wax, bondage, sensuality…the list goes on. All of this in big stompy Dr. Martin boots and with a sweet smile. Check out my website to find out more.

Danni Lovefox

Danni Lovefox

Sexological Bodywork, Tantric Ritual as well as Bizarre and Sensual Escapades
Berlin, Zürich, London and beyond…
Tel.+49 (0)1521 205 3795

I love to work with themes surrounding embodiment – being free to become deeply aware of, connect with and enjoy your body. What desires do you have? Do you dream to make changes? What could they be? If you need suggestions, I have plenty and I’m excited to share them with you!

I like to be playful, holding an open loving space to allow wonderful and intense moments to slowly unfold. Mindful, present, loving touch with such a delightful warm sensuality opens a feeling for whatever is lingering behind these moments in space/time. We can take long pauses together, breath deeply, and sense something bigger than ourselves, an all-enveloping truth.

Lets put down our masks and explore our true nature.

DK Green

Practitioner Directory

Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Consultant, Facilitator, Educator and Coach
Chesterfield, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 7973 788376

“I will take you… from who and where you are now closer to who and where you want to be, using your own mind, body, and spirit.”

DK specialises in ‘healing the healers and holding those who hold’. Put your own oxygen mask on first!

A highly in-demand UK private practitioner focusing on diversities of gender and sexualities (LGBTQIA+, poly, kink, tantra) and personal growth / self development. Additional study of Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, NLP, and shamanic practice inform his work.

DK also teaches, facilitates, assists and leads extensive classes, groups, talks and workshops on diversities of gender and sexuality (since the 90s) including for 5 UK Universities and National events such as SM Pride, Kinkfest London (Organising Director 2004), Polyday, the Pink Therapy Conference and Tantra4GayMen. He has also assisted, trained and worked with international teachers including Barbara Carrellas (as part of the UK Urban Tantra®Professional Practitioners team), Mollena Williams-Haas, Dossie Easton, Raven Kaldera and Lee Harrington. DK also regularly holds shamanic workshops and retreats.

Elaine Young

Elaine Young

Tantra, Breathwork & Bodywork Facilitator and Guide

Elaine currently facilitates workshops, meetup gatherings and sees private clients in London. She has a particular interest in transformational bodywork and breathwork, emotional release, ego freedom, embracing your inner warrior, reclaiming your power and creativity, grief healing, Self Love, somatic sex coaching, conscious kink,  integration of the masculine and feminine, reclaiming your Shadow and tantric practices.

Elaine is Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Tantra Educator, Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program Graduate and Sexological Bodyworker. She has collaborated and supported events for others in the field including The School of Temples Arts (ISTA). Elaine was medical scientist for many years, she brings that experience of the physical manifestations of dis-ease to her current transformational healing & wellness practices. She bridges the gap from science to spiritually with love and respect for both.

Lady Emma Steel

Emma Steel

Power Exchange, Breathing Techniques, Fetish Modeling
Berlin, Germany & Toronto, Canada
+49 176 78571794

Forget about clichés.

Let’s be real.
Real as in raw.
Real as in vulnerable.

Do you know what I mean when I say wild tenderness? Celebration of our bodies. Indulgence of playing with power and trust. Fetish modeling. Breathing techniques that bring ecstasy.

You will let me know what is rocking you. And then adjust to my beat.



Heaven on Earth Eros
Sensual Bodywork, Ecstastic Breathwork, Tantric Touch & Rituals, Private & Group Teaching & Facilitation
Bristol, London & beyond

Gayatri has a vision of each of us experiencing Heaven on Earth. Weaving together bodywork and breathwork, plus teachings and insights from Tantra and personal development, she offers embodied experiences of ecstasy and transformation. As facilitator and practitioner, Gayatri is known for her refreshingly down-to-earth and fun approach, joyfulness and vibrancy. Being in our bliss is a heavenly place to be!

Hanna Angell

Practitioner Directory

Tantra & Conscious Sexuality Practitioner
East Sussex, UK

Hanna is a Conscious Sexuality & Tantric practitioner with a wealth of experience and training, who brings her softness, aliveness, energy and desire to support others to feel truly embodied, connected to life, and in tune with their heart, body, and pleasure.

Her mission is to guide, encourage and empower you into rediscovering, loving and celebrating your brilliance and aliveness; to fully living this human life without fear, shame or judgment.

She works closely with the subtle energies of the body, with breath, heart and and body-work.

She currently lives in East Sussex with her partner and their son and offers workshops, retreats and private sessions on Love, Sexuality, Intimacy, and Pleasure in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Jason Tye

Jason Tye

Dip Tantra, Dip Counselling & MNFSH, Tantra Teacher, Therapist, Practitioner and Masseur, Tantra – Massage – Therapy – Practitioner Training
Bristol, United Kingdom
+44 7941 465910

Jason is the founder and director of Tantra4GayMen which is the UK’s Tantra School for Gay and Bisexual men. Founded in 2009, over 2,500 men have attended a workshop or course with Jason and in 2013 all energy has been diverted to hosting most probably the world’s very first Gay Tantra Festival.

On a day to day basis Jason runs the Gay Tantra Temple for his 121 clients in Bristol and in 2011 he founded Tantra Professionals. Tantra Professionals is a new organisation that goes further in supporting its member with business management, client supervision, teaching high quality Tantric Massage, web site building and much much more, in fact everything you need to get you started as a practitioner.

Jufdi Masseur


Massage and Tantric Touch
Surrey, UK
+44 7974 118278

I am a soft-spoken, warm-hearted, bearded Scot, in Surrey UK, with a passion for helping people to experience ecstatic pleasures.  My aim is to connect well with the needs and aspirations of all who receive my massages. I am used to reassuring first-timers and nervous or inexperienced clients. Following my own Tantric path for some time, I am now ready to use a very wide variety of wonderful techniques to allow others to explore and experience their own Tantric energies and shining strengths.  A session with me will be effective, ecstatic, and very memorable. I massage bodies of any gender, body shape, age, or orientation, and every ethnic and cultural origin. I particularly enjoy working with couples and partners.

Katrine Berling

Katrine Berling

Sexologist, couple’s sex therapy and sex coaching, breathing exercises, women’s group
Copenhagen, Denmark

I do one-to-one sessions and couples sessions. My sessions are primarily sexual coaching, but I can also do breathing exercises. I teach orgastic meditation, the jade egg, and guide women to have better orgasms.

Kirsteen A Farley

Kirsteen Farley

Certified Somatic Sexologist (CA), Sex educator & Pleasure Virtuosa
Holistic Wellbeing for Body Mind & Soul
Based In United Kingdom and Australia
Tel +44 7768 638602

Kirsteen is a woman dedicated to supporting others on their journey to embrace wholeness and celebrate their own unique sexual nature. For the past decade Kirsteen has consciously immersed herself in the realms of sexuality, diving deep into her own darkness and unlocking her Esensual nature.

Kirsteen is a Certified Somatic Sexological Bodywork, Sex Educator, Professional Urban Tantric Practioner and holds certificates in Counselling/Psychotherapy, Energetic healing, Massage Therapy and several other alternative healing modalities. Kirsteen incorporates Shamanic, Taoist, Tantric and Western Philosophies into her practice to assist in bringing about a deep alchemical transformation within each individual if they so choose.

Kristina J

Kristina J

A unique British Erotic Arts Temptress Tantric Domina, and Kinkster, based in Huddersfield.
Yorkshire, Bristol, London and International
Tel: 00 44 7711092892

Kristina invites you to explore erotic encounters, intimate liaisons and conscious sexuality. Mixing up the erotic arts to take you on a journey of deep  exploration in a space where you are free to let go and explore.

Kristina’s own unique style mixes Tantra and Erotic Energy play to create a wildly erotic intimate encounter. She encourages her clients to explore a more connecting liaison with a more intimate connection. She calls upon her Tantra and energy work in all her sessions and really encourages her clients to become aware of their boundaries and in doing so understand and explore their desires so they can be met more fully. Taking her clients on a journey where you will fly high and then dive deep into blissful states as you explore erotic encounters.

Kian de la Cour BA, BSc Hons

Kian de la Cour

Somatic sex coach, erotic bodyworker & teacher, nutritional therapist, masturbation coach, CPD courses for sexuality professionals
Devon, London UK & online
+44 7952 469848

I safely support individuals and couples of all genders to ground their ownership of their erotic power through embodiment practices. I bring 20 years of experience to my practice. Modalities used include personalised sex education, life coaching, breath-work, myofascial bodywork and Taoist Erotic Massage. I also co-sponsor Sexological Bodywork Training and Quodoushka (shamanic sexuality) workshops in the UK with my beloved.

Lilith Wildwood BA, MA

Lilith Wildwood BA,MA

Awakening Ecstatic Consciousness
Lilith is a tantric witch, offering sacred psychotherapy, sexual healing, and courses in magick, meditation and sacred sexuality.
Brighton, United Kingdom

I hold juicy and loving sacred space for radical truth and experience, inviting your being into ecstatic transformation.

My practice a place of transformation and ecstasy where deep healing and spiritual growth can be achieved.

I am dedicated to the divine within YOU. I will help you to step into your power, your truth and your wisdom on every level. I am experienced in holding a safe and loving space which will enable you to travel to deep and previously unexplored places without fear of judgement.

Macha Shewolf


High Priestess~Shamanic Medicine Woman~Tantrika~Artist
Guiding Creative Sexual Humans: 1-1 and Temple Arts School
Ireland Based / International & Online

Macha has liberation, truth, self honour & creativity at the fore front of her offerings calling humans to rise to their full expansion in this era on which we need to fully listen to self & all that weaves upon it – Being a earth human we have force to connect multi-dimensional and heal feel and expand so our existence is in alignment – This is truly if we don’t honour our sexual self we will never unit with our roots source we will never land HOME.

Macha does not offer any hands on or close contact engagements.

Mark And Karen Sutton

Mark And Karen Sutton

Tantra Breathwork,Tantra Massage and Experiential Integrated Tantra (Breath and Bodywork), Tantra Workshops, Swedish and Holistic Massage, Intimacy Coaching, Passive and Active Meditations.
Ireland, United Kingdom

Tel: Mark 083 397 8707 || Karen 083 123 1686

Our mission at Tantra Awakenings is to enable you to connect, heal & transform; living the life you desire through conscious breath, touch and coaching.

Mark and Karen are a husband and wife partnership dedicated to the Tantric path. They have been practicing Tantra for over 15 years and their personal journey with Tantra has been as rewarding as it has been challenging. Tantra—living life to its fullest extent, from the heart and with awareness and presence—has presented them opportunities for expansion and development which they would not have otherwise experienced. In 2012 they formed Tantra Awakenings to bring their love of Tantra and their wish to empower others to live their lives as they wish to live.

Maz Michael

Maz Michael

Brighton, UK
Pink Therapy

Maz Michael is a BACP Accredited Person Centred Counsellor and holds an additional qualification in CBT approach. They work privately offering individual counselling and specialise in working with clients from the LGBTQI population. They have a particular interest in genderqueer/trans* identities.


Practitioner Directory

Meg-John Barker
Writer of (anti) self-help and existential erotica, writing mentor, queer activist

Meg-John Barker is a writer of (anti) self-help books on sex, gender, and relationships including Rewriting the Rules, Enjoy Sex (How, When and IF You Want To), and How to Understand Your Gender. They write non-fiction comics and zines such as Queer: A Graphic History and Gender: A Graphic Guide, as well as existential erotica and memoir. They are half of the Meg-John and Justin sex and relationships podcast.
Meg-John also works as a writing mentor with people in the queer/trans and conscious sexuality worlds who want support writing and publishing their work, and/or developing and reflecting on a more personal writing practice. They are also happy to work with people who want to make their practice, writing, or events more gender, sex, and relationship diverse and/or consensual.

Mike Wardle

Mike Wardle

Sex and Relationship Coaching,
Tantric Touch, Coaching for Intimacy, Passion and Ecstasy.

UK: London and Hertfordshire, or phone and Skype.

I guide people to discover new depths of intimacy, passion and ecstasy through sex and relationship coaching for individuals and couples.

I also offer tantric touch aimed at healing the connection of heart and sex and the exploration of Eros and ecstasy.

Mistress K

Mistress K

A professional Dominatrix who is passionate powerful, driven and demanding all of the time.
Tel 0044 7743 944118

Mistress K invites you to explore your fantasies so they can be met more fully. She will take you on a journey of conscious BDSM and Kink mixed with Tantra and energy work principals. She will encourage you to explore Sensuality within BDSM and welcome you into surrender. From here the journey can continue as taking it as far as you would would like within your boundaries and consent. With over 13 years experience she is skilled in fetish, BDSM, Kink, Shadow and energy work. She creates a safe space which enable you to let go, spend your wings and fly becoming your true self while being exquisitely held.

Mistress Kalyss Mercury (MKM)

Mistress Kalyss Mercury (MKM)

Pro-domme BDSM and fetish practitioner
Oslo, Norway and European tours

Email to automatically get phone:

Mistress Kalyss Mercury (MKM) is among the world’s top BDSM and fetish practitioners. With 13 years professional experience in BDSM and fetish, she will guide you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams. An expert in a wide range of fetish activities, as well as tantric practices, she caters to men, women, and couples; beginners and kink veterans alike. She also teaches BDSM mindset and techniques in small group settings or privately. Standing six feet tall, strong, fit and strict, Kalyss will mesmerize you with beauty, confidence and charisma. She takes pride in embodying The Goddess, hence, discretion and respect for your requests are paramount. MKM travels extensively, please check her FB or email her for recent tour plans.

Nils Kriedner

Nils Kriedner

Sahaja Tantra-institute
Tantra-group and individual sessions, teacher training
Berlin & Dresden, Germany

The Sahaja Tantra institute offers the possibility to experience the completely intuitive and natural path of Sahaja Tantra which is based on the three following foundations: Inner freedom and the art of ecstasy, contact and the art of loving, vision power and the art of living. We teach these three foundations in workshops, trainings, teacher trainings as well as in individual sessions.

Nils Rusche

Hochzeit von Charlotte und Nils

Sexuality Counsellor / Sexologist M.A.
Berlin, Germany (online sessions available)

Nils Rusche is specialised in supporting individuals, couples and other intimately connected groups in their sexual journeys. In addition to his Urban Tantra credentials Nils graduated with a Masters in Sexology at Hochschule Merseburg which specialised in Sexocorporel, a body-inclusive sexual counselling approach. Nils’ practice is open to all people and sensitive to people who are discriminated against by the narrow societal views on gender. Nils offers sessions in German and English online and in the shared rooms of Desafinado near Berlin-Ostkreuz.

Nique Lucia Sereen


Private BDSM sessions, Transformative BDSM, BDSM Coaching, Facilitator.
Barcelona, Spain.

Illuminating new horizons within you.

Are you in the south of Europe and interested in getting to know yourself better through BDSM? I am a practitioner of Transformative BDSM, highly sensitive to the energy that is present in the visitors, with a background in Art, Bio-danza and therapeutic BDSM.

I offer BDSM-related coaching sessions (in which we will keep things strictly verbal) as well as hands-on sessions. These practical sessions mix Tantra, Mindfulness and BDSM. Apart from private sessions I also offer classes for couples (or triples and more), and my website announces the workshops I will be offering.

The Peacock Parlour


The Peacock Parlour—owned and operated by Sir Claire Black—is a gorgeous, versatile, playspace in Holloway, North London. It is available to rent by the hour or day to professionals or for private play, for one-on-one sessions, workshops or small parties.

The setting is versatile, with a cozy kink-free lounge area that can be easily separated from the main dungeon. Or the curtain can be pulled back creating a single 60sqm space. The lighting can be soft and atmospheric, or bright. The Parlour also has a bathroom with shower, a small kitchenette and a cosy mezannine floor.

All our custom-made furniture and high end toys are kept obsessively clean. Furniture includes a cage, bed, bondage table, kneeling bench/gynae table,stocks, oversize beanbag, MMA floor mats and a massive load bearing frame with winches. Furniture can (mostly) be stored out of the way if a clear floor space is needed.

Rental includes use of all toys: floggers, whips, paddles, clamps, CBT toys, bondage equipment, vibrators, sensation toys…

We’re always happy to show you around prior to your booking, and should you want professional tuition in the use of any of our equipment from London UTPTP team member Sir Claire Black we can add this to your booking on request.

Rebecca Lowrie


Creator and facilitator of Sexual Alchemy and the Keys to the Kingdom programs for men. Private, VIP programs for men ready to make radical shifts in their erotic selves. Author of 101 Meditations for Life, Business and Bedroom Success.

London, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 7903 014 364

Rebecca Lowrie, known as ‘The Sexual Alchemist’, is a powerful catalyst for deep transformation and sexual awakening. She has been a personal and professional explorer, and teacher, of sexuality, intimacy, tantra, kink, pleasure, energy work, bodywork, healing, consciousness and magic for over 25 years. 

Her passion is helping men wake up to who they really are, to their innate power, to their own sexual mastery. As you step into your full power and potential in the bedroom, you can do the same in your life and business.

Rev. Rowan Bombadil


Making Love With God
United Kingdom

Rowan is a sex magician and interfaith minister, with a dual bias towards sex and god, and a passion for curating spaces and creating experiences that demonstrate their intrinsic connection. A champion of love in all its forms, their work is a permissive portal into radical intimacy – with yourself, with others, with the Earth, and with a divine who worships you, just the way you are.

Rowan’s offerings include intensive workshops and sacred orgies, psychosexual coaching and spiritual counsel, and bespoke ceremonies and rites of passage for the queer, alternative, and activist communities. They are the founder of Making Love with God, a body of work that unites the spiritual with the sensual, supporting personal and collective transformation through pleasure.

Ruby May

Ruby May

Workshop facilitator
Berlin and beyond

Ruby May is a British born, Berlin-based edge-dwelling, truth-seeking creative visionary, whose passion is to inspire us to ‘live beyond our imagination’.  Her international workshops weave together her love for playful, magical spaces, with the themes of authentic expression, intimacy and shame-free sexuality, using her background as an intimacy coach, Tantric Domina, sexological bodyworker. She was co-founder of the Sacred Kink Academy, that teaches kink for personal and spiritual growth, travels the world with Elsewhere, a two day event exploring r/evolution through play.

Sarah Rose Bright

Sarah Rose Bright

Talk/body coaching to discover and explore your erotic self and expand your sexual horizons, through Tantric practices, masturbation / self pleasure

Liverpool, Manchester, United Kingdom. Coaching via Skype or phone.
0044 7811 169 508
Skype: sarahrosebright

I am a qualified Sex Coach, sex educator and Tantric practitioner who passionately believes that pleasure is the best teacher. My mission is to bring more pleasure into the world. I will guide you to discover, explore and live your vast capacity for pleasure and the magic within you—your sexual, heart and soul’s desires. Learning new ways to feel and be in your pleasure can resolve many sexual issues and concerns naturally. And what you learn in your sexual pleasure can enrich and enhance all areas of your life.

Seani Love

Practitioner Directory

Private sessions and group workshops.


Seani Love is an Australian-born, London-resident male sexuality professional with expertise in Sex Magic, Conscious Kink and Neo Tantra. Seani specialises in the healing and empowering aspects of kink and intimacy and is primarily driven by spreading acute awareness of the language of consent and boundaries. He has recently featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Times (UK) and he now features in an award-winning motion picture (“Touch Me Not”, 2018).
He is available for private sessions and group workshops via his website.

Shaft Uddin

Shaft Uddin

Sacred Sensual Awakener, Tantric Touch, Shamanic Sensual Journey, Female Empowerment Sessions, Rituals, Twin Goddess Activation, Workshop Facilitator

My name is Shaft and I invite you on a journey into greater self-awareness, expansion and empowerment through the mystical art of Tantra.   Experience your body, heart, and spirit come into full alignment and aliveness through the activation of your Divine Feminine essence with my Sacred Sensual Awakening Ceremonies.

My gift to is to hold a safe space for you to explore and understand your magnificent and transcendent potential, to honour you with the touch of pure, loving presence, to empower you to discover and ask for what you need and to open your entire being to bliss.

Sonalle LaMariposa


Solution Focused Psychotherapist, Personal & Skills Coach, Therapeutic Photographer, Workshop Facilitator, Tantric Practitioner & Sensual Dominatrix

London, the World & Online

My mission is to help modern people grow & transform into the beings they want to be.

I am passionate about encouraging people to reach their full potential & fulfill their deepest needs. I offer bespoke sessions for personal fulfillment & transformation. My sessions & workshops are an invitation to unite your mind, body, heart & soul, to be in the present moment & to discover your truth. I invite you to expand connection with yourSelf to witness radical change in your connection with others.

My work is offered in English, French, Gujarati, Italian & Spanish.

Sue Sutherland

Practitioner Directory

Sue Sutherland—In Memorium

Queer Conscious Sexuality Coach and Educator, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Workshop Facilitator, BDSM Practitioner and Kinky Ritual Healer. 

I live and work by the motto ‘Permission to feel what you are feeling’ and I’m passionate about counteracting stigma, trauma and shame, particularly around our bodies, our desires and our relationships.

Consent and choice underpin all my sessions. If we can agree it, we can do it.

Through discovering our voices, exploring our feelings, acknowledging the uncomfortable, establishing our boundaries and honouring both our bodies and our sexuality, we can embrace pleasure with agency and permission.

I love to play, to have fun, to encourage the primal parts of ourselves and with my experience of movement, eco sexuality and love of raw expression I welcome this in you too.

I offer a neutral space that is open to individuals, partnerships and groups of all sexual orientations, gender identities and relationship dynamics.

United States & Canada

Adrienne Wood


Tantric Bodywork and Sensual Healing
New York, NY
phone: 347-560-8868

My practice is rooted in connection. For the past seven years I’ve immersed myself and been enamored by the ability of pleasure and connection to heal, enlighten and transform. My intention is that our time together will create lasting healing that will inform and infuse every facet of your life. This work is a ton of fun, sensual and intimate, but I don’t take it lightly — it’s incredibly powerful, and it’s a huge honor to facilitate it.

Alice Heart


Authentic Touch by Alice, Sensualist, Eroticist and Buster of Myths
New York City

I most enjoy working with clients who want to learn to use their sexual energy to increase vitality, creativity, and intimacy within themselves and in the rest of their lives, outside their time with me. My style is extremely invigorating, nurturing and luscious, catering to clients who value and appreciate a therapeutic and uncomplicated experience.



Andres Cordero

I offer sessions on embodied awareness, sacred intimacy, Reiki energetic work, conscientious touch, Tantra, and conscious kink, or BDSM.  I offer group programs and one-on-one sessions in-person and by video call.

Yo hablo español.

Austin, TX USA. I travel frequently to: Santa Fe, NM, San Francisco, CA, and New York, NY.

I believe that there is considerable wisdom in the body. Unfortunately our upbringing, cultural constructs, and societal expectations discourage us from listening to our bodies and convince us to remain prisoners to our minds. To live a more healthy life, one free of stress, tension, and frustration, we must work each moment to stay connected to our physical selves, to stay attuned to our energies as well as those around us, to honor what is natural and of this earth, and to focus on the present moment, as it is the only thing that truly exists.

My focus is working with all energetic beings of all manifestations, genders, orientations, and persuasions, straight, bisexual, gay, or questioning, as I believe we are all experiencing the human condition in the same physical embodiment.

Live your life joyfully, soulfully and ecstatically!

Dr. Betty Martin

Dr. Betty Martin

Seattle WA, USA

I help people learn how to have more fun, with touch, affection and sexuality, and I do that in a variety of ways.

These days I’m focused on mentoring and training other practitioners in consent, boundaries and professional protocols. I’m the developer of The Wheel of Consent [], which is the center of my work with both clients and practitioners, and the center of my main course called ‘Like a Pro, the Wheel of Consent for Practitioners.’ I travel globally to teach.

Blake Adams

Blake Adams

Tantric bodywork, life coaching, BDSM training, documentary film consultant
US: San Francisco, CA

Blake has been active in the BDSM scene for over 6 years and has practiced Tantra for that long, too. He is a skilled communicator and consultant and tailors his work to meet your specific needs, and desires.

Candice Leigh

Practitioner Directory

Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Tantric Healing, Naked Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator
New York, NY

One-on-One sessions
Couples Sessions
Group Workshops

Candice found the expansive world of Neo-Tantra and Somatic Sex Education, after being a yoga teacher and yoga therapist for a decade. She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Tantric practitioner, naked yoga teacher, founder of Naked Yoga Therapy and is a current student of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Training. Her work focuses on guiding clients to find their sovereignty, desires (and verbalizing them), understanding healthy consent dynamics, working experientially with sexuality challenges, overcoming obstacles to intimacy and body/sexuality shame, finding deeper connection with self and other, finding more joy and ecstasy in life, and bridging the gap between spirituality and sexuality by incorporating both the temple mysteries and the physical body—in the here and now.

Caroline Carrington

Caroline Carrington

Certified Tantra Educator, Conscious Relationship & Intimacy Coach and Dakini

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area but travels to Hawaii, Boston and Canada.
510 545 6104
Twitter: @JewelotusTantra

Private Tantra Session (Individuals & Couples)
International Workshops & Retreats
Personalized Tantra Intensives
Coaching (in person/Skype)
Provider Mentorship

Caroline Carrington inspires people to live empowered lives across the US and around the world. She expands people’s experience of pleasure, intimacy and connection through relationships, energy play and dynamic meditation. Caroline invites you to get out of your head and into your body using the power of pleasure to transform. Her specialities include sexual empowerment, emotional release, ejaculation control and mastery, erectile dysfunction and healing of past trauma.

Caroline grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and has lived all over the world including London, Australia and New Zealand before moving to the Bay Area in 2006. Her curiosity-driven passion for travel has fueled her exploration of cultures and lifestyles around the world. Caroline is LGBQTIP-friendly and breaks down the traditional gender stereotype roles of masculine and feminine often upheld in the Tantra world. Caroline loves building bridges between communities in the realms of Tantra, BDSM, Polyamory, and Bhakti Yoga and is passionate about walking Tantra out of the bedroom and into the world.

Cy X


Your Pleasure Ceremonialist
Eco-Erotic Energy Worker, Erotic Rituals, Sensual Body Work
NYC, Stamford, & Beyond

Pleasure Ceremony is about creating space to truly feel, breathe, and experience this world anew by tracking our own sensations of pleasure, safety, and power directly from our bodies and in collaboration with the Earth.

Cy X, Your Pleasure Ceremonialist, curates eco-erotic rituals and ceremonies utilizing ecological energy work, herbalism, sensual body work, breathwork, tantra, BDSM, and Kink. To them, an eco-erotic practice asks the question: How can the erotic be the way to reclaiming our bodies, our power, and our ability to connect with ourself, each other, and the more-than-humxn world around us?

As an artist each session is approached with a creative mind and awareness of how energy flows within ritual context. They are black, queer, and non-binary and have sessions available for people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds.

Cyndi Darnell


Holistic sex therapist, relationship coach, sex educator, public speaker & counselor.
New York, NY

Cyndi Darnell is a qualified, holistic sex therapist, relationship coach, sex educator, public speaker and counsellor, specializing in work with individuals and couples (and beyond) who want to develop a more intimate, profound and fulfilling connection with their sexual selves. Cyndi values the importance of pleasure, and believes that a healthy sex life is part of an overall approach to holistic wellness. Cyndi sees people of all orientations, genders and outlooks from her office in New York, or by appointment via Skype.

Ms. Jaeleen Bennis

Ms. Jaeleen Bennis

Professional Domina, Sensual Massage Artist & Creator of Bondassage and Elysium
US: New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz
Australia: Byron Bay, Sydney
Canada: Toronto,Vancouver
Europe: London

Jaeleen Bennis is the creator of Bondassage®, a program that licenses practitioners around the world in her uniquely sensual and provocative method of bodywork.  She is a certified massage therapist (CMT) trained in Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sports Massage, and has studied cross-cultural healing modalities from Reiki to shamanic journeying.  She is versed in Tantra and BDSM, and believes in sexual exploration as a path to self-discovery and healing.  She is the co-author (with Eve Minax) of Bondassage: Kinky Erotic Massage Tips for Lovers, published by Dymaxicon.

Jason Hanson


Rope Bondage Coaching Sessions
St. Louis, MO USA.

Do you need a coach to tie you up and force you to face your demons that you’ve been avoiding? Jason can help.

Jason’s authenticity builds a leak-free container that can hold all of you. His genius lies in being both gentle and firm-handed at the same time. He makes space for your head, heart, and body and holds the boundaries of that space as tightly as gravity clutches you here on solid ground.

Having your body put into physical confinement that mimics the mental bonds you’ve been living in illuminates your unproductive patterns, sometimes for the first time in your life. When the rope comes off, your body retains the memory of what you broke through.

Certifications: YTT200 Yoga Teacher Training, Hendricks Institute Big Leap Coach, NCCJ St. Louis Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Facilitrainer, Conscious Leadership Group Coach, Urban Tantra Professional Training Program Graduate

Not coming to St. Louis anytime soon? I welcome the adventure of traveling to your location.

Kendra Holliday

Kendra Holliday

St. Louis, MO

Personal Consulting

I offer personal consulting services to individuals and couples. Sex is my focus, but it ties in with many of the other aspects of our life – family, business, relating to others. I take a holistic approach and specialize in alternative lifestyles, fetishes, BDSM, tantra, energy work, breakups, sex-positive parenting, polyamory and other relationship dynamics. I operate on mutual respect. Confidentiality is assured. Lifestyle and kink-friendly! I prefer meeting face-to-face, but if you are located somewhere besides St. Louis, email/chat/Skype/phone are all options.

Sex Surrogacy

A licensed sex surrogate, also called a surrogate partner, is a person who helps others overcome social and sexual issues through hands on intimacy. It is intimate. It is therapeutic. It is enlightening.

Karica Laine


Austin, Texas – Seattle, Washington
Eco-Boudoir Photographer – Tantrika – Sensuality Guide – Shadow Witch

Are you on a journey inwards to find the truth of who you are once the layers of social + societal conditioning are peeled back?
If so, I want to work with you!
Together, we dive into the magic of ritual + our sensual nature;
Honoring all that You are as Sacred + Divine!
Embody your highest self, experience radical healing + tune into what sets your Soul on fire!
I welcome those of all genders, spiritual beliefs, cosmologies + backgrounds.

Lola D. Houston

Lola D. Houston

Coaching, consultation and whispering for individuals and couples • Essential Touch • Ecstatic Body Meditation • Holistic Sexuality • Gender & gender expression • Relationships • Communication • Body image • Self care • Dark Arts

United States and Canada, with remote (Skype-based) services available anywhere.
(802) 503-0297

Live your true life. Find your real self. How do you get there? Let me guide you through a variety of methodologies and techniques, tailored to your own individual identity and circumstance. Each method I share is something I have spent many years studying, understanding not simply “how to do it” but why it makes sense for us. Whether it is deep listening, or involves Urban Tantra®, Consent, Essential Touch or something more exotic, the constellation of possibilities is nearly endless. As caring, sentient beings, discovering who we are and what we truly want is not a simple process. It takes time and effort. Let me help you open doors and discover who you truly are as we create your “User Manual for the Self”.

Mistress M


Sacred Sensual BDSM
Kinky Role Play and Intimacy Coach
Portland, San Francisco, Seattle. I also do online sessions.

I’m more of a playful mistress, erotic coach and compassionate healer than a cruel dominatrix. Men are taught to protect, defend and be tough, so choosing to place oneself in restraints means to consciously surrender one’s power. By letting go, one is given the opportunity to feel what happens within the body and mind. Sacred Sensual BDSM sessions incorporate a delicious blend of domination, bondage, erotic touch and dark tantra. I also love kinky role playing and power exchange. I coach couples to explore their shadow side and deepen trust with their partner. 

Nate Speare (he/they/Firebird)


Astrology, Sound Healing, Bodywork, Storytelling, Archetypes, Voicework, Myth, Erotic Styles

I am an astrological counselor, storyteller and artist. When you work with me, I aim to inspire, support and co-create your experience of beauty, play & ecstasy through sensuality, art & cosmic insight. Think of me as an alchemical troubadour, a friendly guide ready to witness, hold & discover the roads & stories of your soul with you. I use the holistic & visionary tools of astrology*, sound, storytelling, touch experiments, mythic image & vocalizing with the archetypes to motivate you to respond creatively to life’s challenges. I help you contact your sense of pleasure, playfulness, creative desire & integrity. Working with me is, above all, a transformative opportunity to enter an awareness of the relationship between your body, your deep imagination & the cosmos, and how to create more of what you want with that awareness.

(*I use astrology as an x-ray of the stories that are activated in your consciousness; the stories that are trying to unfold in your life (not as fate or prediction).)



Fetish Coach, Sensual Bodyworker, BDSM Educator, and Lifestyle Mentor
San Francisco, CA

Kinky play inspires us to be present, intimate with our partners, and celebrate our sexual self. I create a safe container where clients have permission to ask for what they want erotically and embrace it without fear. My approach is intuitive, heart-focused, and nurturing. My offerings include individualized fetish experiences, ecstatic bodywork/massage, and kink lifestyle mentoring.



Sacred HEARTist, Orgasmic Breath Facilitator, AND Erotic Body Worker

Vancouver Island, Canada & Europe

Existing beyond binary, and lead by breath, Raynefyre is a traveling force of nature, committed to co-creating community that supports deep transformation and healing around gender and sexuality.

After a decade of walking a path of discovery and greater awareness with their own gender fluidity, Raynefyre perceives selfLOVE as their guide and now strives to create the perfect storm that initiates life-force energetic connections to those who live on the rainbow-identified spectrum.

Raynefyre shares sacred sex magic through, conscious kink, and queer tantra with kindred spirits who wish to embody their own unique expression of sexual empowerment and pleasure.

Miss Sadé De Amor


Professional Switch, BDSM & Tantric Practitioner

Los Angeles, CA

I’m here to help folks transform pain into pleasure. Practicing BDSM and Tantra have helped me to navigate my pain, release it and set myself free. With QTBIPOC communities being overlooked and underserved, the purpose of my work is to make folks feel heard, valued and liberated.

Kink is still a ‘bad’ word today proving that destigmatization and decolonization are still needed. I have an experience on this planet that very few people actually have and even fewer people would feel comfortable telling the world—the ‘straight’ world.

What’s really happening in the world of BDSM is: I’m taking the context of physicality, sexuality and intimacy and using it as a playing field to work out the healing that needs to happen. Those who enter into the experience have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned to their outside lives. However, they don’t always welcome the idea of their personal and pleasure paths crossing.

I am here as the Bridge to the ‘straight’ world to share what I’ve learned from doing this work both personally and professionally. It is my pleasure to provide you with an experience where you can feel in control and empowered — where you can feel a connection. All of us can learn from this experience in an environment where it’s all about Love.

Selina Alba

Sensual massage, therapeutic massage, somatic bodywork, sensual domination, Tantric explorations Seattle, WA and San Francisco Bay Area, CA (206) 707-9327

Sensual massage, therapeutic massage, somatic bodywork, sensual domination, Tantric explorations

Seattle, WA and San Francisco Bay Area, CA
(206) 707-9327

Selina’s practice is rooted in the Healing Power of Pleasure. Our bodies are often a site of pain, self-hate and shameful judgement. Through pleasure, touch and a nurturing, intuitive presence, Selina creates sessions to nourish and heal, and to teach erotic and intimacy skills. All of this work deepens the relationship between the body and spirit. Selina grounds her training in archetypal psychology, art therapy, massage therapy and somatic bodywork with experience in Tantric principles and a lifetime exploration in positive sensualtiy. Trans*, queer, LGB, poly and kink aware and welcoming.

Tamara Pincus


Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist and Sex Therapy Supervisor


Tamara runs a group therapy practice which does individual therapy, relationship therapy, breathwork and embodiment coaching, workshops and educational events. We strive to provide a comfortable and emotionally safe environment for people from a variety of marginalized groups to explore and embrace their sexuality and their emotional selves.

Tunde J.O.


Transformational Coach, Anti-oppression Facilitator, Artist

How to get off when the world has gone to shit? Interested in exploring the ways in which oppression would rob us of our pleasure or in deepening your understanding of how to take pleasure that doesn’t further contribute to it? Let’s chat.

Here to coach folks through their socialization to the other side of oneness with their bodies, giving/receiving, and sharing pleasure. Excited to support folks in exploring desire without shame, while: claiming the power that the world would deny them, or acknowledging the privilege that the world has handed to them.

Excited to work with:

  • Folks exploring/navigating the world of ethical non-monogamy/polyamory.
  • Individuals, couples, or polycules
  • Folks who have had big experiences (or have big questions) around race, class, sexual orientation, and/or gender,
  • Folks navigating disability, chronic illness, or pain bodies
  • Folks on the ace spectrum and their partners (demisexuals to fraysexuals, this means you),
  • Those who want to enter into and play in diverse kink spaces and have some work to do,
  • Those who believe that our bodies and explorations of pleasure could hold the keys to dismantling oppression.

Pleasure is liberating and liberation is pleasureful. What do you need in your life to get closer?

Tunde is a Queer, polyamorous & kinky, artist, performer/event producer, anti-oppression facilitator/trainer/consultant, and transformational coach with a love of fostering human connection.

Mistress Violet Moon


Tantric and Sacred Sexuality Practitioner, Priestess and Pro Domme, Embodiment Coach, Meditation Guide, Gender and Sexuality Educator

Grounded in my experiences as a queer, trans, Latina, Buddhist Vajrayana teachings, and my own mix of Shamanism and Wicca, my practice is formed around being present, embodied, and the magic of every moment. Through breath, touch, and pleasure discover how to connect mind, body, heart, and soul to live a more integrated life while recovering the ability to see the world with child-like wonder and joy.

Over time you will learn to live with ecstatic joy, connect with the divine in everything in your daily life especially sexual pleasure, and find liberation from the indoctrination of our patriarchal, cis, hetero existence. You’ll become content in the present moment, find the wisdom within the mundane, the fearlessness in knowing who you are, and the joy the world has to offer.

Come with no expectations. Let whatever happens happen. Let me gently guide you to connect with the magic, the dralas around you, and discover the difference between “Letting Go” and “Letting Go By”.

My Tantric, Sacred Sexuality, and spiritual expansion experiences are available to all genders and  orientations, singles, couple, and polycules. I also offer ritual workshops for groups.

The Witch Goddess Sacred Wellness


Shamanatrix, Mystic, Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Spiritual Wellness Guide (Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master), Relationship Coach, Artist (DJ & Erotic Performer), Black Queer Scholar-Activist, Higher Education and Career Consultant.

Atlanta, GA


The Witch Goddess Sacred Wellness coheres around education, divination, and healing through the stars, the word, music, sacred sexuality, and spirit. Tay, The Witch Goddess offers consultations using tarot + astrology readings, trauma-informed shadow work coaching, intimacy/relationship coaching, Usui Holy Fire Reiki energy healing, therapeutic and tantric touch, and sound healing to help others gain clarity for self-empowerment, decision-making, spiritual growth, self-actualization, psycho-somatic health, and pleasure for embodied wholeness.

Her unique offerings and workshops center healing justice, spiritual ascension, sacred sexuality, and holistic wellness; and are also varied and tailored for anyone–ranging from students, to institutions/businesses/organizations, individuals, or couples. She’s available for speaking engagements & workshops.

In addition to her mystic gifts and practitioner certifications, her degrees and university teaching in history, race, gender, and sexuality studies support her readings and consultations with clients.

As a mixtress, she loves to create ethereal, astral, druggy, erotic future-bass-heavy soundscapes for emotional alchemy that blend darkness, light, warmth, strip club, and lush fluid sexual energy to conjure erotic catharsis, exaltation, chill, and transcendence. In her DJ sets and mixes you’ll find a mix of ethereal ambient electronic, future bass, alternative, indie, comtemporary and classic R&B, soul, jersey club, reggae, Afrobeats, trap and Southern hip hop.

Ask her about her special Sensual Healing Arts Sessions.

Australia & New Zealand

Aleena Aspley

Aleena Aspley

Certified Somatic Sexologist / Sex Educator / Tantra Professional, Ra’Anui Erotic Tantra Massage Brisbane, Kinkassage (My Trademarked Kinky Massage), Tantra Kinkassage, Tantra Spankassage, Certified Bondassage, Angel Card Intuitive, Theta Healer & Reiki Practitioner

Brisbane, AU
0404 449 433

A Ra‚Anui Erotic Tantric Bodywork or Somatic Sex Educational session with me can either be a one-on-one, hands-on coaching session or an informative, educational clothed evening or weekend group workshop. It is my passion to work with singles and couples of all genders and share my knowledge about living a Tantric lifestyle, to awaken more bliss, pleasure and fulfilment into their personal life and/or relationship. A private Ra‚Anui Erotic Tantric Massage session with me can arouse dormant, sensual energy and awaken sublime ecstatic states of consciousness. Powerful full-body sexual healing can take place when human beings can be touched in an intuitive, safe and caring manner with pelvic release bodywork, breath, sound and my sensual Ra’Anui Erotic Tantric touch techniques. Tantra is about living more sensuously, consciously and with true freedom from the heart, mind body and soul. It is every human’s god-given right to experience more pleasure and bliss either in their relationship or by themselves.

Do also enquire about my other pleasure modalities Tantra Kinkassage and Bondassage.

Alex Rossiter

Alex Rossiter

Kinbaku Practitioner
Sydney, Australia

+61 450 017 366

Alex is a student of the art of kinbaku, or Japanese rope bondage. His style of kinbaku combines elements of Tantric breathwork, music, dance and BDSM to deliver an unparalleled experience of surrender and connection. Alex works to create safe and held spaces for all genders and orientations.

Ally Thomas

Ally Thomas

Tantra Trainer, Teacher and Healer, Tantric Spiritual Consultant, Sex Love and Intimacy Relationship
Coach, Sacred Sexuality Consultant, Sacred Sexuality Experience, Tantra education, Tantra Pleasure Experience,
Tantra Massage – for men women couples

Adelaide, all states of Australia, New Zealand, Asia

+61 419 038 310

Ally has learnt and practiced tantra for over 18 years, has been teaching since 2008. She educates men, women, couples in Tantra Massage, group Playshops, Tantra Pleasure Parties, Tantra Teacher and Practitioner training in Australia and New Zealand.

Her book “What Women Really Want – 7 Tantric Sex Techniques for Men and Couples” published 2014.

Ally Kazam

Ally Kazam

Bondassage and Elysium Practitioner
Sessions for Men, Women, Couples

Adelaide, Australia and all states of Australia, New Zealand, Asia

+61 419 038 310

Do you want to know about the “50 Shades of Grey” experience? How to safely have a taste of BDSM with Ally Kazam…

Bondassage sessions combine bondage and massage – you are tied to the massage table, stimulated in many different ways, without any pain and leaving no marks. Drop into another space in Ally’s sessions…

Elysium is similar to Bondassage, however without the percussion, and no resolution at the end…

Artemisia de Vine


Desire and erotic psyche specialist helping people discover and play with their unique sexual patterning through Purposeful Adult Playdates.
Sydney, Australia

Sex is not separate from the rest of who we are, so creating an active and aware relationship with our turn-ons leads to not only more pleasurable and fulfilling sex but is a playful way to explore all that it means to be human in a complex world. Artemisia has extensive experience from the sensual, spiritual sexuality traditions and kink through to full on BDSM.

Become a member of The deVinery to join others learning to use sexual play as the lens with which to explore deeper relating to themselves, each other and indeed Life itself. Take the quiz to find out your arousal style and get a feel for Artemisia’s approach.

Danniel Shervey

Danniel Shervey

Ecstasy Consultant. Somatic Sex Therapy, Training and Education.  Body-based bliss for personal growth.
Brisbane, Australia

I serve to co-create desired change from my clients here-and-now experience, to enable a more integrated way of being ecstatic in the world, and to bring a level of self-awareness that is commonly found in Zen and Tantra. After a session clients will have “lived” knowledge (instead of a ‘told’ knowledge) to take away, and integrate into their life.

Deej Juventin, CSB, MA

Deej Juventin, CSB, MA

Sex Coaching and Embodied Therapies; Professional support for practitioners who work with sex; Professional training for somatic sex educators
Brisbane and throughout Australasia

Tel: (+ 61) 0415034204

I’m passionate about supporting people of all genders and sexualities to learn more about our bodies, sex and sexuality, and work through sexual issues and concerns, so we can connect more fully with all aspects of self, with the people in our lives, and with the environments that sustain us.

Modalities include sex coaching, somatic sex education, sexological bodywork, Tantra, sexual shamanism, kahuna, and embodied counselling – accessing the body’s capacities for learning, growth, and moving forward. I work with individuals, couples, and groups. An important part of my work is offering professional support to people working with sex, including sex workers, sex therapists, sex coaches, and tantrikas.

I work with a great team of educators to teach the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork in Australia.

Pauline Cannon

Pauline Cannon

Reiki, Intuitive Sensual Massage, Breath, Aromatherapy Massage, Quantum Touch, Tantra Massage, Healing Crystals and Erotic Gardens
Waihi Beach, N. Island, New Zealand
Cell: 006-421025-12226
Home: 006-47863-5155

Healing Touch by Pauline offers mindful healing touch to all genders. I help people find balance in their lives by teaching them to activate their “Self Healing” mechanisms within their own bodies. I combine the modalities of Reiki, Intuitive Sensual Massage, Breath, Aromatherapy Massage, Quantum Touch, Tantra Massage and Healing Crystals to work with the whole person. Remedies and session are customized specifically for each client. I am blessed to be able to share my knowledge with those interested in fully experiencing and exploring ecstatic pleasure in their body, through sensuous, healing mindful touch. I am also a passionate organic and permaculture gardener and take pleasure in designing and creating healing sensual gardens for my clients, so they can have an exciting outdoor space to play, love and meditate.

Shaney Marie

Shaney Marie

Sacred Sexuality Arts, Tantra education, Tantra Massage.

Melbourne, Australia

Shaney works with all people encouraging a more sex positive attitude and supporting individuals in discovering their unique sexuality within the realms of the sacred.

Shaney’s sessions are educational and experiential and she will create a space for you to be heard, to be present, to be open and to learn about the wisdom of your body.

Stella Topaz

Practitioner Directory

Abundant Body

Sexological Bodywork, Scar Remediation, Erotic Education.
For individuals, couples, poly pods, and friend-groups.
Facilitation and speaking at groups, workplaces and community events.

Sydney, Australia.

I’m a Sexological Bodyworker, Urban Tantra graduate and team member, a current student of scar remediation. Registered nurse, organiser, activist; a queer femme, pleasure seeker, kinkster, and constant learner. I welcome all kinds of bodies, relationships and expressions of self; especially people adventuring beyond binaries and restrictive sexual and social roles.

Sexological Bodywork is learning about your unique body, from your body. With erotic education, coaching and touch, explore new sensations or expressions, nurture your erotic self through times of change, feel the power of asking, receiving and giving, honestly and open heartedly.

Scar Remediation is giving attention to recent or old scars, on or inside the body, to help reduce pain, tightness, or dullness of sensation. For scars affecting genital, reproductive, urinary, abdominal and anal areas, as well as scars from chest and breast surgeries. A gentle, collaborative approach to free up movement, pleasurable sensations and sexual enjoyment. 

Taranga Anurag

Taranga Anurag


Tantra Massage, Sensual and Erotic Massage, Couples Massage and Training in Somatic Touch Techniques, Into the Heart Sessions, Workshop facilitator and Co Creator of Techniques for a Better Love Life.

Paddington, Sydney, Australia
(+61) 0447 577 525

Offering years of experience in massage and body-based or ‘somatic’ therapy, I work with breath and touch to encourage a feeling of wholeness, oneness, pleasure and relaxation.

My passion, and my path in life, is to bring ecstatic pleasure to the whole body. I believe the entire body – genitals included – should be touched and massaged in a loving, respectful way. This honors the body, activates the body’s natural energy within, and allows expansion and healing to take place. I’m learning every day to live, love and to be open to opportunities when they present themselves – and to gain a greater acceptance of every moment. I aim to live in harmony with the planet, and to bring greater harmony, joy and balance to others through touch and open communication, using the skills I’ve learned along my journey.

Some of my skills and qualifications include… Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage, Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage, Breath Work, Meditation Leader, Urban Tantra® Professional, Bondassage Practitioner & Trainer, Erotic Touch and Sensual Massage, Lingam and Yoni Massage.

Taranga Anurag

Taranga Anurag

Certified Practitioner and Trainer in Bondassage and Elysium Bondassage

Paddington, Sydney, Australia

(+61) 0447 577 525

It is my passion, and my path in life to bring ecstatic pleasure to the whole body. I specialise in body play and healing in disciplines like Tantra, Erotic Massage and Sensual Massage, Breathwork, Lomi Lomi Massage, and much more. Having found my true calling with Bondassage, I am inspired to be able to share with you this powerful exploration of your sexual boundaries.

What is Bondassage I hear you asking.
Bondassage is a kinky, sensual massage designed as the perfect introduction to BDSM. It allows the receiver to experience all the thrills of light and sensual BDSM play without the harshness of BDSM in its more traditional form. Combining massage techniques with breath and energy work, body percussion and sensual flogging, Bondassage is the ultimate experience in letting go. Exploring and embracing our ‘shadow’ side is a powerful means of finding transformation and healing. If you’re interested in discovering more about a different approach to bodywork, exploring submissive desire, entering a profound and blissful sub-space and embracing a new kind of pleasure, Bondassage is the massage modality you’ve been waiting for.

I offer trainings in both Bondassage and Elysium Bondassage. For more information on trainings please go to my website and please, if you have any questions or enquiries send me an email.


Dr. Martha Tara Lee


Relationship Counseling and Clinical Sexologist
Sexuality and intimacy coaching, sexuality education workshops, life coaching

Dr Martha Tara Lee is a Relationship Counselor and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching based in Singapore. She provides sexuality and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples, conducts sexual education workshops and speaks at public events in Asia.

She is a certified sexuality educator with AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists), as well as certified sexologist with ACS (American College of Sexologists). She holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality, Masters in Counseling, two other degrees, as well as certificates in practical counselling, life coaching and sex therapy.

Dr. Lee is the author of 4 books including Orgasmic Yoga. She was recognised as one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women under 40′ by Her World, and one of ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women’ by CozyCot.

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