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12 November 2020

Confident COVID Bubbles

Facilitated by: Marcia Baczynski

Location: Online

Whether you call it a “bubble,” a “quaranteam” or a “pod,” it’s critical you know exactly what your social boundaries and agreements are, how to speak up for them and how to negotiate with the people you love and live with, so you can all get more of the kinds of connection that you want.

In this workshop, we’ll explore your relationship with boundaries and how to negotiate them in the time of COVID.

We’ll talk about:
* Why starting with excellent boundaries sets you up for success (and how to do it)
* Understanding risk tolerance – your own and others
* Easy templates to help you create your bubbles/pods
* Checklists to make sure you’re covering all your bases
* Creative ways to stay connected when COVID boundaries are mis-matched
* How to smoothly manage expectations and handle friction within the pod
* Simple tips for adjusting, checking-in and re-grouping to account for shifting circumstances

17 November 2020

Sex Magic

Facilitated by: Barbara Carrellas

Location: Online via Zoom in partnership with The New York Open Center

Sex magic is the art of transforming real but invisible sexual energy into real and visible results. We practice sex magic when we consciously use our sexual energy to fuel our hopes, dreams and desires. You can dedicate your erotic energy for the benefit of yourself, your community and your world.

In this workshop you’ll practice techniques that will enable you to unite your sexual power with your spiritual power and the power of your desires. We’ll use breathwork, metaphysics, chakra meditation and Tantric techniques to create sex magic for healing (yourself and others), to alleviate pain and fear, to soothe emotional wounds, to practice forgiveness, to increase business, to empower social causes, and even to come to terms with death. The workshop will include a sex magic meditation that will allow you to practice sex magic for a personal desire or cause.

All genders, sexual preferences and relationship configurations welcome. No nudity or explicit sexual touch.


Orgasms With Spirit

Facilitated by:  Barbara Carrellas

Location: Online

This downloadable series incorporates all the most popular segments of Barbara’s internationally acclaimed in-person workshops.

In this 4-lesson course, you’ll find the connection between sexuality and spirituality by learning techniques that will add sensuality to your spirituality and sacredness to your sex life.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the importance of ecstatic experiences, and you’ll practice simple, powerful techniques that will increase your desire, expand your orgasms, reignite your relationships, and bring sensuality and pleasure into every aspect of your life.

The cornerstone of this class is the connection between breath and erotic energy. Experience one of the most effective ways to connect spirit and sex—a breath an energy orgasm—literally, an orgasm with spirit.

Registration now open here.


The Pleasure Program

Facilitated by:  Cyndi Darnell

Location: Online

This FREE, go-at-your-own-pace home study course will help you remember how and why pleasure matters right now…and ongoing. Open to all relationship styles & people of all orientations & genders

Registration now open here.


LGBTQ Breathwork & Meditation

Facilitated by: Parker Phillips

Location: Online

Every Monday at 7:15pm ET/4:15pm PT

This class by and for LGBTQ folks explores meditation and breathwork to increase focus and presence and help with enhancing imagination and adding ease to daily life.

Cost: Free

Register through Yoga Tribe Brooklyn.


Orgasmic Yoga

Facilitated by: Uma Ayelet Furman

Location: Online

Every Tuesday at 5pm Brisbane Australia time / 8am UK / 9am Europe / 10am Israel / Midnight LA USA

Every Wednesday at 8am Brisbane Australia time / UK Tuesday 11pm / Europe Tuesday 12am / USA LA Tuesday 3pm

Orgasmic Yoga classes are group online classes where we learn communally about connecting with the body and accessing more of your internal resources.

We harness the elements of breathwork, movement, touch, sound, and placement of awareness to build your pleasure potential. We work together to create both structured practices and improvised ones, exploring different themes each class.

These classes are both learning and practice spaces. You do not need to have any previous experience to participate and you can participate to your comfort level. Being an online class, there is the added element of choice whether you would like to be on-screen or off-screen at times. This will be a clothing-optional event.

Cost: Pay what you can

To Register email Uma:



Facilitated by:  The T4GM Team

Location: Online

Tantra4GayMen—A Tantra School for Gay/Bi Men—has over 30 online events every week. Their new Tantra4GayMen App allows you entry into a world of Tantric men, for learning, socializing, dating and more. Download the app here:





Facilitated by:  Cyndi Darnell

Location: Online

You love your partner but the magic has gone. You want to want again but you just don’t know how. What if I told you you could feel passion and desire again? What is joy was just around the corner? What if you had endless skills and tools to navigate passion and pleasure with your sweetie like you used to? What if you had a chance to really rebuild desire with your partner/s? Would you take it?

Join me for The Desire Series—an epic, immersive at-your-own-pace online video program for breathing life into a lifeless libido and crumpled sex life. 19 videos plus dozens of activities, discussions and prompts to get you back in the saddle of your heart’s desire. Exploring science, esoteric wisdom and so much more. Life’s too short for mediocre passion. Join me for The Desire Series today.

Registration now open here.

Sign up here and we’ll let you know when we add additional  dates and locations for the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program.

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