Workshops and Events Hosted by Our Graduates

30 September – 1 October 2017


Event: Power, Surrender & Play (for our lovelife and your whole life)
Facilitated by: Newman Alexander
Location: Stoke Newington, London


What’s sexier and more intimidating than power? What’s more challenging and transformative than surrender? How can play redefine our relationship with power & surrender? These are the questions we explore at Power, Surrender & Play (for your lovelife and your whole life). At this workshop you learn how playing with power and surrender can have a positive effect in every area of your life. Power can be a dirty word. We often imagine unkindness, a lack of compassion, treating others badly to get ahead. Many shy away from wielding power for fear of abusing it. In the resulting vacuum, power is often taken by greedy, unscrupulous people to whom we’re forced to surrender. Learning to work consciously with power is urgently important, both personally and politically. What’s good about surrender? In spiritual work surrender is a good thing; but secular definitions see it as losing, being weak, giving up. As a result we find it hard to let go, even when it’s the right thing to do. As our highly-individualised society teeters on the brink of collapse, can learning to surrender help us to build a more connected, open-hearted and sustainable world? Remembering how to play When we adults remember how to play, amazing things happen. Play gives us back our innocence, reconnects us with our creativity and helps us to find fresh ways to approach problems and challenges. And it’s fun! Read on to find out more about this exciting, empowering and sexy new workshop, led by SP Founder Newman Alexander.


Registration fee: Earlybird £195, Regular £220, Concession £180, Supportive £260

9-16  December  2017

Event: Escape to Paradise:Tantra in Mexico
Facilitated by:Caroline Carrington & Julia Tindall
Location: Yelapa, Mexico


Explore Tantra in one of Mexico’s hidden treasures … a bay that looks like Tahiti, with no cars, no roads where waterfalls, rivers and tropical jungle abound. Great swimming, snorkeling, and plenty of charm. Soak up the magical Yelapa sunshine and learn powerful tools to supercharge your life with love!


  • 1000+ spine-tingling techniques to turn you into a touch expert

  • Sexy empowerment to amplifies your confidence from bedroom to the boardroom

  • Tips for overcoming common barriers that many people struggle with to create intimacy and connection

  • How to transform your sex life into a mind-blowing experience

  • Tools to help calm your busy mind and be more present with your partner

  • How to quadruple your sexual pleasure through Tantric breathwork

  • Ways to electrify your lover’s body with Tantric Body Awakening

  • How to tune into your own pleasure as the giver and connect more deeply with your partner

  • More than a dozen ways to amplify and activate your energy to connect, play and share with others

  • Guided hands-on practices to perfect all you’re learning at the retreat

  • Deeply transformative experiences to heal your heart, relationships, and world

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