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5 September 2019

Facilitated by: Martha Lee

Location: Singapore, SG

Express your Passion and Love in a new way! Surprise your Partner – in a good way!

Much more than simply a series of ‘tricks’, we’ll be exploring how to have confidence to be playful and creative with pleasuring the penis in this workshop.

What is arising in you as the pleasurer? What is your relationship with your partner during fellatio? How do you engage in a way that is deeply pleasurable for you and the receiver?

This workshop combines philosophy and practice. You’ll learn anatomy, techniques, deep throat, and gagging, as well as how to experiment with heat, pressure and moisture.

You will learn:

  • Names to the different parts of the male anatomy
  • More than 20 blow job techniques
  • What to do with deep throat and gagging
  • How to experiment with heat, pressure and moisture

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16 September 2019

Beloved Essence: A NeoTantric Ritual

Facilitated by: Caroline Carrington

Location: Oakland, CA USA

Sample the juicy delights NeoTantra has to offer. Tantalize your senses while getting high on energy itself exploring your heart, energy and a deeper connection with yourself and others.

This is the perfect place to come and explore NeoTantra whether you’re dipping your toes in for the first time or a seasoned pro!

Caroline Carrington’s legendary BelovedEssence Ritual is an interactive experience expanding connections, intimacy and love. You are guided through a series of fun and playful exercises including sound, breath, energy and conscious touch and invited to choose a variety of partners through the evening. Each NeoTantric Ritual Caroline creates includes new exercises for a unique experience every time. This event is LGBTQ+ positive and welcomes singles, couples and triads to join in the fun.

Registration is open.

21 September 2019

Facilitated by:  Sonalle LaMariposa

Location: Vauxhall, London, UK

As Autumn begins, warm yourself up & Touch Ecstasy. You will explore your boundaries to truly connect to your authentic self. You will discover what consent means to you to ensure that you are fully connected with your truth throughout the journey. You will explore different types of touch (non-sexual) given from the heart to then be invited to give & receive your bespoke multi-handed massage with healing pure almond oil – a massage beyond your dreams!

• Connection with self & others
• Learn & strengthen your boundaries
• Explore consent & clear communication
• Meet new people
• Learning something new
• Expand your massage knowledge
• Learn new & creative massage techniques from others
• Receive a multi-handed massage beyond your dreams!

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5 October 2019

Facilitated by: Barbara Carrellas

Location: New York Open Center, New York City

Urban Tantra® is a radically updated Tantra practice for modern sexual and spiritual explorers—it can be used anywhere and by everyone.

Tantra is not only a sexual practice, it also is a sensuous way of life and a path to spiritual growth and fulfillment. On the Tantric path, pleasure, vision and ecstasy are celebrated and can be as available in everyday life as they are in peak sexual experiences.

In this workshop, you’ll learn Tantric techniques for intense full-bodied orgasms, breath-and-energy orgasms, amazingly deep, heart-centered connections (with a partner or with yourself), and the bliss that comes when your spiritual and sexual paths are one.

This workshop is for couples, singles, and other relationship configurations. All genders and sexual preferences are welcome. There will be no nudity and no explicit sexual touch. There will be partnered practices in the afternoon. Singles will be paired, with consent. To be assured of working with a partner of your choice, come with a friend.

Registration now open here.

11-13 October 2019

Facilitated by: Zahava Griss

Location: Oakland, CA

Explore conscious power play and gender through dance. Power dynamics are present all the time, kink is about making power dynamics exquisitely clear, creative, consensual, and passionate. Want to adventure into desires that are at the edge of your comfort with a compassionate and present companion? Curious about embodying your dominant energy or your submissive energy in the dance?

This workshop invites us to contribute to each others’ erotic courage, vulnerability, and playful expression so we can create more meaningful intimacy. You are free to discover and ask for what you really desire in a compassionate space that does not shame your wants. This is also an empowering space to say, “no,” and to shift from what you don’t want to what you do want. We will learn how to create a culture of shame resilience, attune to our own eros and healthy limits, track the nervous system of a partner, distinguish who touch is for, and explore our gender expression.

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15 October 2019

Black Diamond Ritual

Facilitated by: Caroline Carrington

Location: Oakland, CA USA

Join Caroline Carrington for her Black Diamond Ritual to sample the sweet, savory & spicy delights that the fusion of NeoTantra and Sacred Kink has to offer. This evening will tantalize your senses, show you new ways to embrace the heart, expand your intimacy and connection skills, while getting high on energy itself.

Caroline will guide you through an evening exploring your heart, energy, sensations, desires, and a deeper connection with yourself and others. Combine the energy & breathwork of NeoTantra with the dance of power & surrender in Kink/BDSM.

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18 October 2019

Vulvas, Pleasure & Consent

Facilitated by: Sue Sutherland

Location: Yoga Centre, Export House, 25-31 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QW, U.K.

It is time to reclaim the sex education you never got at school! A clothes on tour of vulva anatomy, the patterns of arousal and asking for what you want.
– Explore vulva and vaginal anatomy using anatomically correct vulva cushions
– Discover the patterns of arousal
– Learn ways of breathing to help relax, de-stress and enjoy pleasure differently
– Feel how movement can reduce anxiety and tension, and feel arousal throughout the body
– Establish new ways to ask for what you want and refine it to meet your needs
– Introduce dialogue around boundaries and consent

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26 October 2019

Consent, Choice and the 3-Minute Game

Facilitated by: Sue Sutherland

Location: Export House, 25-31 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QW, U.K.

In this clothes-on session we will:
• Develop awareness of what we want and who we want to explore with
• Share thoughts and feelings around consent and choice
• Practice making requests and hearing a variety of answers
• Explore why we hesitate to ask for what we want
• Learn ways of breathing to help relax, de-stress and enjoy sensations differently
• Discover how movement can reduce anxiety and tension, and feel more resilient throughout the body
• Introduce dialogue around boundaries and consent
• Watch a demo the 3-Minute Game
• Try out or witness the 3-Minute Game for ourselves
• Establish new ways to ask for what you want and refine it to meet your needs
• Gain access to regular 3-Minute Game practice sessions

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26-29 October 2019

Facilitated by: Kian de la Cour

Location: Glastonbury, UK

In any instance of touch, are you giving or receiving? How can you tell?

How do you know what you want when it comes to touch?

How do you negotiate so that you can clearly articulate what you want and do not want – from moment to moment?

“This was life-changing and powerful for me”

Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent® is a revolutionary experiential method for understanding embodied, enthusiastic consent, for the public and practitioners.

“The integrity and embodied understanding of the subject by the facilitators shone through”.

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