Workshops and Events Hosted by Our Graduates

25 June 2018

Urban Tantra Smörgåsbord

Facilitated by:  Marie-Louise Larsson, Pontus Holmgren, Zafire Vrba, Bettie Höflich, Raynefyre Grace, Flora Charis, Steffi Freyjasdottir

Location: Täby, Sweden

Join us for a playful day on the lake exploring intimacy, ecstasy, sensation, connection, and tantra in a safe and love filled environment. A perfect venue for exploring your inner magic and experiencing your authenticity while welcoming people over 21 of all colours, ability, gender, and sexual orientations. We welcome singles and partnered people with open hearts. No previous experience necessary.

This is a unique opportunity to emerge your self and retreat into a beautiful and loving back drop nestled in raw nature, just 30 minutes from Stockholm. Here you will meet other loving humans who are curious and willing to share the gifts of Tantra. Participants will be guided throughout the day in a selection of consciously driven explorations rooted in breath, sensation, and kinky role play with the goal of shared ecstasy in mind.

Our day will be filled with a selection of delicious tantric practices facilitated by an international selection Urban Tantra graduates from various corners of the globe.

Our smörgåsbord will be co-created by a sweet mix of Swedish locals, along with German, Austrian, American and Canadian grown hearts.

We will be offering a vegan friendly lunch and snacks throughout the day.


  • Orgasmic Breath
  • Conscious Kink
  • Rope Play
  • Power Exchange
  • Opening/Closing Sharing Circles

Pricing & Registration Details: Sliding scale 500-1000 SEK per person.

For more info or to register email:

July – September 2018

Earth Eros Embodied

Facilitated by: Elise Bish

Location: Boston, MA & New York, NY

Earth Eros Embodied is a two weekend program designed for folks of all genders to learn about and connect to their bodies, desires, plant allies, and spiritual and ancestral resources, all grounded in the everpresent love of the Earth.

Our intention is to create a sacred space for:

  • Sexual healing and empowerment
  • Strengthening connection to the earth, nature, and the wisdom of the plants
  • Exploring the landscape of ancestral consciousness
  • The safe and joyful expression of desire, pleasure, play, intimacy, and love
  • Reconnecting to the wildness within and around us
  • Herbal and sexual education that promotes deep self-love and self-care

The course content will be a mixture of Wise Woman traditions, herbal medicine making, sexual education and skill building, embodiment practices, systemic family constellations, and time in nature to reflect, inspire, and gain insights.

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